Coupons, Gift Certificates & Scholarship Fund

Coupons & Gift Certificates
Coupons and gift certificate codes are entered into the second registration screen. After choosing from "New Family" or "Returning to MT in Phx" , press the "Update Pricing" button, then enter code into coupon box, and press the "Add Coupon" button to adjust the price. If you have two coupons, enter one at a time, hitting the "Add Coupon" button after each.

Purchase a gift certificate online!

Maria Menanno Scholarship Fund
Help another family receive The Joy of Family Music®! Any size donation is appreciated and participation is always optional!  

In loving memory of our cherished teacher and friend, Maria who blissfully shared her love of children and music at our center for many years. All contributions to the scholarship fund are matched equally by Music Together in Phoenix, LLC. When available, partial scholarships are gifted to families on an as-needed basis. Apply here!