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Now Enrolling for Summer!!

Summer: June 12th - August 12th, no class the week of July 4th
Raise your JOY bar and be part of something special with your child.  Join today - Register Now ; early registration open through 5/02, use "EarlySummer" to save your spot and get $10 off tuition!  

8 weeks of awesome family music or choose the flexible 6 week option (share two weeks NOT attending by 6/05 to receive a $20 refund-1 child or $35 refund -2 children).

Enrolled Families

Schedule up to 3 makeup classes online each session:

Available from week 2 through week 10.


Share your love of music & young children; join our passionate talented team and be a Music Together teacher - the best job on the planet!  Email Resume  

All Children Are Musical

Preschool AND Music Together!

Looking for great preschool AND love Music Together?  Cross Roads PSK is now offering the Introductory Music Together In-School curriculum as part of their weekly curriculum.  Child take home the music, the teachers use the music, and the children have weekly Music Together classes with us!  

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All Children Are Musical!

From babyhood through early elementary years, Music Together® nurtures each child's natural musicality. Once a week for 10 weeks, you'll sing, dance, play with your baby, toddler, or preschooler during your Music Together class. Then, your entire family can continue the fun at home with the help of our beautiful recordings and songbooks. It's just what young children need to develop a love of music!  




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